Tactical Arbitrage Closing

My friend Alex Moss is the creator of Tactical Arbitrage – the premiere tool for finding great Online Arbitrage opportunities and Amazon to Amazon flips.

When I did my New Year giveaway Alex was one of my main sponsors – he asked me if I was going to be giving away a copy of OAxray (his main competitor) as well. My response was “Why give away a Ford, when you can give away a Porsche?”. That, plus the fact that I personally have three different Tactical Arbitrage accounts should tell you something about how highly I recommend this product.

One to the things that I really like about Alex is that he knows when to throw up his hands and say “enough!” – which is what he’s doing tonight. He is closing the doors for Tactical Arbitrage for at least a month so that he can dedicate more time to supporting his current customer base, add new sites and some new features to avoid saturation. He’s also going to be adding some more wholesale functions that I’m really looking forward to.

If you don’t yet use it, I urge you to check out Tactical Arbitrage before it closes tonight at midnight Hawaii time. There’s a Seven day free trial so Try It Out Today!


Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Alex so if you decide to check out TA through the links in this post I may earn an comission. The price you pay through my link is the same that you would pay if you went directly to tacticalarbitrage.com

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