Strategy and Tactics

Recently, in a private group I’m in someone asked this question.

Is your company a strategy or tactics driven company?

…and why?

With my military background I have a problem with the question, it’s fundamentally flawed because to be successful you have to have both Strategy AND Tactics.


Strategy is the overall “plan of attack” for your business. Tactics are the method you use implement said strategy. You can’t really have one without the other.

I really like the following quote about the difference between the two. It comes at it from a military point of view but the same concepts work when it comes to business.

“Military strategy and tactics are essential to the conduct of warfare. Broadly stated, strategy is the planning, coordination, and general direction of military operations to meet overall political and military objectives. Tactics implement strategy by short-term decisions on the movement of troops and employment of weapons on the field of battle.” Source

My attempt to translate that from Military-speak into Amazon-speak is below.

“Strategy and tactics are both essential to how your ecommerce business operates. Broadly stated, strategy is the planning, coordination and general direction your business is headed in while pursuing the goals you have set for your business.

Tactics are the real-time/Short Term actions that you take\decisions you make in regards to how you use your resources to attain profitability.”


While this is probably an imperfect translation I feel like it’s something worth sharing.
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