Today I am launching my newest Chrome extension – Ka-Ching!

Ka-Ching! gives you a notification whenever you make a sale on Amazon. You can also use it to see your daily sales total at a glance with just one click.

The best part? It’s FREE!

Check it out and share it with your FBA friends today!


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  • I totally love the app, it’s fun. However, it stopped working last night, and it says I need to register it, but it won’t let me register. What’s up?

    • Sorry about that! I’m moving this weekend so havnen’t been able to do much research into what is causing this but my developer is aware and working on the issue.

  • Hey Matt!

    Thank you for the app, I really like it!

    Would it be possible for you to add an email notification as well?

    I mean, Amazon won’t tell me I sold something until they ship it out, but your app does!
    so I would love for the app to use the email I registered with and send me a notification
    along with (or instead of) the app sound, whenever someone orders something from my store.

    What are the odds of that happening?


    • Hey! I’ll look into email notification, probably something I’m not going to be able to add right away but a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

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