FedEx added as an Amazon discounted Partnered Carrier

For years, FBA sellers have had one option when it came to getting a discounted rate to ship their inventory to Amazon – UPS.

As of this morning though some sellers (myself included) are reporting that FedEx is starting to show up as an option in seller central.



I’m sure that one of the first questions that people are going to be asking is “How do the shipping prices compare?” and I’m happy to say that based on preliminary checking it looks like FedEx is going to be competitively priced or even cheaper than the rates that UPS offers.

Here’s the cost for a 20 pound 18x18x16 box shipped via FedEx from Denver to St Louis

FedEx 20 pound 18x18x16 box

And here’s the cost for the same 20 pound 18x18x16 box shipped via UPS from Denver to St Louis

I did a test run with a small 1lb package that I needed to send this morning and it went off without a hitch and about $1.50 cheaper via FedEx than UPS. My FedEx guy just happened to be coming by to drop off a shipment of boxes and happily took it with him. I briefly chatted with him about how Amazon had just added FedEx as a carrier and that he might be seeing more of me. He mentioned that FedEx has daily pickup options that he thinks are $11 a week. Sadly after doing a bit of research it looks like it’s more along the lines of $25 a week for daily pickups OR a per package fee if you just schedule them when you need them.

My First FedEx Pickup!

My First FedEx Pickup!

Anyone have any past experience with FedEx good or bad? How does the shipping speed ofFedEx ground compare to UPS ground?

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  • I use USPS priority and FedEx for my packages. I worked a deal with my rep with FedEx that I get billed $12.50/wk for pick up because I spend over $75/wk on shipping. During slow season I don’t do pick ups because it’s not worth it when I can drive down the street to drop off.
    price wise FedEx only benefits me if I send something over sized or something over 8# anywhere east of the midwest. I’m in Colorado.
    However USPS tends to be faster for shipping time.. so it depends on how soon I need to get it to it’s location.

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