Using a Rolling Desk For Increased Productivity

Hi guys! Short post today but I wanted to share a quick “Prep Hack” that has helped me increase the speed with which I am able to process my inventory.

It’s a pretty simple, just get yourself a rolling desk!

This is my rolling desk setup. Making something that I can move around my garage/office made things WAY more efficient for me by reducing the amount of times I needed to handle my inventory and I highly recommend you try it out. Snagged this bad boy off of Craigslist for only $50, goes for $600+ new 😀

Another example of how you can set things up (and what motivated me to finally make a post about this) is this one that Kyle Fedewa posted today on Facebook.

(Thanks for agreeing to let me share this Kyle!)

Kyle got this shelf and wheels from Lowes. His has the added benefit of being able to actually put product on it as he is prepping vs mine which can only hold my Computer, Printers and Scanner. Benefits and drawbacks to both setups but either way I think this helps make prep more productive.

One of the things I like the most about this setup, as well as something that Kyle mentions is that it keeps me on my feet and moving around. For me if I’m on my feet I tend to be more focused on the task around me vs sitting down.

Do you use a standing and/or rolling desk in your prep workflow? If not, why not?

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