Daily Payouts coming soon!
Stop Refreshing Your Stats!
What do you do? An intro to the blog, Amazon FBA and me

Daily Payouts coming soon!

Two weeks is way too long to wait for a payout for many sellers, especially those just starting out wanting to re-invest their profits. I’m happy to say that it’s come to my attention that Amazon is in the process of changing those restrictions by allowing withdrawals every 24 hours!

A friend of mine was talking to  Seller Support about a large pending balance recently when they dropped quite a bombshell on him by telling him that sometime in the next couple weeks he’d have the option to start requesting daily payouts. When he told a few of us about this a mad scramble to verify it ensued and based on several conversations with seller support this is the information that we obtained.

  1. Yes, the option to request payouts once every 24 hours is coming soon!
  2. Sadly, not everyone will have access to it. New sellers that signed up July 1st, 2016 or later will be the first ones to have access to this feature.
  3. There is currently no timeframe for when sellers that signed up before July 1st will have access to this feature but it is coming.
  4. There may be limitations on what money you can withdraw based on the delivery timeframe of the item. A couple different support agents mentioned something about the amount that you are able to withdraw being subject to some sort of 7 day window from estimated delivery date but it’s exact impact on withdrawals is unclear at this time.

UPDATE – Having spoken to a new seller who has access to this feature we have a bit of clarity on what the 7 day window mentioned above actually entails. It appears that you are allowed to make daily payout requests but restricted to sales that happened at least 7 days ago.

Thanks for the further information Michelle!

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While the same information has come from several different seller support agents it does remain to be seen if this is actually implemented. After all, my support rep was named, I kid you not “Cinderella”.

Cinderella with Seller Support

Another rep put it this way.

“If your account is eligible, you will see a “Request Transfer” button to initiate a payment to your bank account. You have the option to use this button once every 24 hours. Keep in mind that your next automatic settlement  date will be reset to 7 days after the date you push that button.”

Since I’ve been selling on Amazon since January of 2015 this news doesn’t have an immediate impact on me but I’m glad to see Amazon start to move towards paying out more often as it will help a lot of folks build their Amazon empire quicker!

If you are a seller that signed up sometime AFTER July 1st of this year please check your account and see if the “withdraw now” option is showing up in your account and comment here if it is. To get to the page from seller central click on “Reports” then “Payments” and see if you have the “Request Transfer” button on that page.





Stop Refreshing Your Stats!

First of all – let me make something clear here. This is as much a reminder to myself as it is a challenge to you.

Today Amazon Seller Central and the Amazon Seller app aren’t showing your sales totals for the day and almost every FBA group on Facebook that I follow as well as my WhatsApp groups have had multiple people asking about it. Amazon knows that there is an issue and they are working on resolving it. You also can see your pending sales so you know that the FBA money is still rolling on in if you look close. (HelloProfit is still working too!)

The amount of time that has been wasted today with people freaking out about not being able to see their stats reminds me of back when I built automated AdSense websites which, for the most part was a numbers game. A common problem people would have is that they would build a bunch of sites – have a ton of traffic and then things would start to trail off because Google realized the sites were of low value and stopped sending traffic to their sites. The standard response and motivational speech that we started using amongst ourselves was to “STFU and build!” – referring to making more sites to replace the lost traffic.

That’s what I want to tell you today. Shut up and build your business. Stop doing things that aren’t going to impact your bottom line and concentrate on things that will. Stop refreshing your stats every five minutes and work on finding that next product to sell at a profit. Keep grinding!

Stop doing things that aren’t going to impact your bottom line and concentrate on things that will. Stop refreshing your stats every five minutes and work on finding that next product to sell at a profit. Stop getting distracted by Facebook. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control and start concentrating on the things you CAN control.

Shut Up and Build!

What do you do? An intro to the blog, Amazon FBA and me

It’s THE question that everyone that works online gets. Normally it’s from someone well-meaning, a cousin, your Mom, Your grandparents, your creepy neighbor who wants to “learn what you do”.

Over the years I’ve struggled to answer the question – partially because I’ve tried/done so many things. Explaining any of the following things I’ve done to grandma was difficult at best. I’ve done the whole Made For Adsense site building, Google Adwords advertising, Cost Per Action (CPA), I owned a free hosting site or two, dabbled in High Yield Interest Programs Ponzi’s(back when I was young and gullible), built cloaked gray hat sites, sold backlinks, did local SEO to sell leads to local businesses, built websites for local businesses – I’ve done all that – and more. Some of that stuff was hard to explain at thanksgiving – what I do now is not.

Today, I make money by buying stuff cheap and selling it to random people via Amazon. I’m essentially in a market where I’m the broker at the intersection of deal shopping, shipping logistics and e-commerce. Way easier to explain to Grandma simply saying “I sell things on Amazon”

Before I continue I should probably introduce myself. My name is Matt Colvin, I am a 32 year old Medically Retired 11 year Veteran and proud former member of the United States Air Force. I grew up in East Tennessee & joined the Air Force when I was 19 to see the world and I’ve had the pleasure to see a lot of it. My final duty station was in Tokyo, Japan and my wife and I would go back in a heartbeat if rent wasn’t so high/rooms so small.

As a kid, the internet fascinated me. AOL chat rooms, ordering free samples of stuff on the web, making friends that I have to this day. I helped my dad build computers and explored the internet.

When I was like 11-12 years old I was playing in the woods and digging through a heap of junk from where a house or trailer used to be and I came across an empty bottle that looked exactly like the one on the left “Simba Cola” – apparently it was a Coke version of Mt. Dew from the 60’s or 70’s. I decided the only rational thing to do was to try and sell it online – on the long defunct webauctioneer.com. I made something like $7 on it and I’ve been convinced that the internet holds amazing potential ever since then. My number one goal since I was a kid has been to make money online. I’ve done various things over the years online that have made me significant amounts of money like selling digital items from video games but the most satisfying thus far has been my current ventures selling via “Fulfilled By Amazon” (FBA). I simply find Hello deals, print out labels for them, send them to Amazon and they handle EVERYTHING from there. I don’t have to be a customer support specialist, ship items daily or anything like that. I really enjoy the hunt for good deals and the challenges that the Amazon process presents.

After leaving my last job as a government contractor for medical reasons I transitioned from doing this part time as a hobby to working on this full time with the goal of building a business that can replace the income from my old job.

The reason I created this blog is so that I can help people who are just getting started out selling via FBA and share some deals that are big enough for all of us to make something off of.

I look forward to interacting with ya’ll soon!


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