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Reverse Engineering & Thinking Outside The Box
Wholesale – My new years resolution
FedEx added as an Amazon discounted Partnered Carrier

Reverse Engineering & Thinking Outside The Box

I’m freshly returned from ASD (blog post about that escapade coming soon!) and taking a couple low-key days to recover from a cold that just won’t go away.

At ASD I made several new contacts and placed some orders. Some of the most promising booths that I visited did NOT offer me immediate access to their price list. While getting a spreadsheet price list that we can run through tools like Tactical Arbitrage or Price Checker 2 is akin to the “golden ticket” that we are looking for it doesn’t happen often.

While I was wasting time on facebook yesterday I came across a great example of how to use outside the box thinking to your advantage with FBA that I wanted to share with you. (Thanks to Jessica for agreeing to let me share this!)


Personally I think that she is selling herself short by saying that this is elementary, this is actually something that many people wouldn’t think of doing because they are stuck in the “Must.. Get.. Pricelist..” mindset.

Here is a checklist based off her post in my own words.

  1. Get approved wholesale account with a brand.
  2. Compile list of sellers that are also selling said brand.
  3. Compile list of brands that above sellers are also selling.
  4. Reach out to that list of brands to open accounts.
  5. When you get a wholesale account approved run a search for the brand name on AZ and filter down to only see the well reviewed/popular products.
  6. Run ASINspector or Jungle Scout to find the hot items inside that search and estimate sales velocity.
  7. See if you can buy those hot items at a price where you can make a profit.
  8. Take a bath in all the money you made, then start over again from step 1.

Okay, so step eight is my own idea but I think it’s a good addition 😉

This process is something that you can do very easily once you get a couple of wholesale accounts up and running. Most of this could be outsourced to a VA as well!

Go Ship Some Stuff!

Wholesale – My new years resolution

January can be a discouraging time as an Amazon seller, especially after the crazy sales and profits that happen during the 4th quarter.

Sales are slow in some areas, people are returning items that look like they were chewed on by a dog, and it is easy to let these kind of things get you down.


It is not exactly easy for most of us after such a high, but the bottom line is that there are a lot of GOOD things happening right now that you can focus on. If you spend January wallowing in the fact that you have tons of returns coming in, you will not be ready for upcoming holidays, like Valentine’s day and Easter. I have been preparing for both of those holidays, and am seeing good profits on several Valentine’s day items already.

Get out there and find what is working NOW. Don’t mope over your tanked items; decide if you are going to hold them or if you are going to liquidate and move on.

As I move forward into 2017, I’m concentrating on finding wholesale opportunities. Sure, I am still out there shopping RA/OA to keep cash flow going, but I had an awesome experience with wholesale over Christmas that has me laser focused on wholesale moving forward.

In early Q4, a friend of mine Tyler Nelson messaged me asking if I knew where to find a certain seasonal product that was selling like crazy on Amazon that he was having a hard time locating. He had heard about it on Facebook where a friend tagged him in a post. I did a bit of research and found the product OA direct from the manufacturer at a profitable price in pretty short order. Then I decided to take it one step deeper and reached out to the company about what they needed to open a wholesale account. Less than 48 hours later, I had a wholesale account with them and ordered 20 cases of the product to be split between us.

Fast forward to the end of Q4; between the two of us, we had ordered over a hundred cases and eventually bought the manufacturer OUT of the product. I was selling a product that I purchased wholesale for around $3 a unit for around $15 a pop and I couldn’t keep them in stock. Next year I am planning on buying a couple pallets of this item. The image below shows my total sales and profits for this ONE item.


Now I know that I caught lightning in a bottle with this product. Not many products are going to have this good of a return or a sales velocity, but I am excited about finding other solid items that I can reorder in bulk versus having to run around from store to store only to get a dozen of something.

Moving forward over the next weeks and months, I am going to be posting about my wholesale journey frequently, and I hope that some of you decide to join me in making the leap from RA/OA to purchasing items wholesale in bulk.

Go Ship Some Stuff!

FedEx added as an Amazon discounted Partnered Carrier

For years, FBA sellers have had one option when it came to getting a discounted rate to ship their inventory to Amazon – UPS.

As of this morning though some sellers (myself included) are reporting that FedEx is starting to show up as an option in seller central.



I’m sure that one of the first questions that people are going to be asking is “How do the shipping prices compare?” and I’m happy to say that based on preliminary checking it looks like FedEx is going to be competitively priced or even cheaper than the rates that UPS offers.

Here’s the cost for a 20 pound 18x18x16 box shipped via FedEx from Denver to St Louis

FedEx 20 pound 18x18x16 box

And here’s the cost for the same 20 pound 18x18x16 box shipped via UPS from Denver to St Louis

I did a test run with a small 1lb package that I needed to send this morning and it went off without a hitch and about $1.50 cheaper via FedEx than UPS. My FedEx guy just happened to be coming by to drop off a shipment of boxes and happily took it with him. I briefly chatted with him about how Amazon had just added FedEx as a carrier and that he might be seeing more of me. He mentioned that FedEx has daily pickup options that he thinks are $11 a week. Sadly after doing a bit of research it looks like it’s more along the lines of $25 a week for daily pickups OR a per package fee if you just schedule them when you need them.

My First FedEx Pickup!

My First FedEx Pickup!

Anyone have any past experience with FedEx good or bad? How does the shipping speed ofFedEx ground compare to UPS ground?

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