Amazon/Nike Partnership Confirmed by Bloomberg

Citing a source “familiar with the situation” has announced that Nike will begin selling on Amazon although a timeframe was not included in the report.

The reasoning behind the move appears to be that they want to exert more control over how its products are sold and keep knockoffs off the market.

“The approach lets Nike Inc. take greater control over how its products are sold, helping ensure that knockoff shoes aren’t offered by third parties on the e-commerce marketplace, said the person, who asked not to be named because the arrangement isn’t yet public.”

I personally find it somewhat disingenuous that “knockoffs” are the main reason being cited for them deciding on entering the Amazon ecosystem. If you take the amount of sales moving from Brick & Mortar into online sales and combine it with the death of stores like Sports Authority I think that Nike sees the writing on the wall and is finally jumping on board to regain some of the sales it has lost by opening up another sales channel.

As an active Nike seller it’s going to be very interesting seeing how Nike approaches their launch onto the platform and if they let third party sellers continue to sell on various Nike listings (ala-Under Armour) or intend to aggressively attempt to have sellers removed/restricted. Given the fact that as recently as a few weeks ago I confirmed that Amazon had a team dedicated to recruiting larger third party Nike sellers from Ebay and offering to get them approved to sell the brand if they moved to selling on Amazon I find it hard to believe that Amazon will totally restrict everyone from selling all Nike products but only time will tell.

Here is a brief video of some Bloomerg staff discussing the impending deal and it’s implications.

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  • Have you tried selling them on any local venues. My wife bought a load of work boots on clearance and the weight of them made it prohibitive to sell on FBA so she listed on Facebook marketplace and sold all of them within 24 hours.

    • I have dabbled in the local marketplace but not done near as much with it as I know you have. Sold a TON of Nike returns at a yard sale we had a couple months ago though and will likely do so again during my next one.

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